Our valued customers are our lifeblood, and with more than one million people stopping in at the Big Banana each year, we enjoy many visitors to our shop from all over the world!
Here are some of the lovely comments we have received from them.

Wish I could buy the whole shop!
— Khloe & Sharon, Sydney

Beautiful selection of opals.
— Katherine & Isabelle, Canada

I’ve been visiting since I was 5 years old and am now bringing my 3 year old.
— Chelsea, Brooklyn, Bronte & Bridget

Awesome shop, the gems are amazing!
— The Hyssens, New Zealand

Incredible and informative.
— Carlito & Le, The Philippines

One of the most beautiful shops.
— Beau & Jake, Queensland

Your rocks rock!
— Chevy & Camara, Darwin

This place is so lit!
— David & Lisa, Los Angeles, California

Nice shop and lovely staff.
— Saleh, Saudi Arabia

We love your gemstones!
— Zora & Pada, Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful crystals.
— Sofia, Singapore

Tres jolie boutique.
— Zoe & Lauren, France

Lovely shop, we will be back.
— The Sumerells, Sydney