Our tumbled gemstones originate from natural rocks, minerals and crystals that have been rounded, smoothed and polished to perfection.

Renowned for their healing properties and highly prized as beautiful, unique collectables, we offer more than 50 kinds of tumbled and rough gemstones from around the world - take a look at a small selection below.



A purple-violet variety of quartz, Amethyst is a popular, semi-precious gemstone often used in jewellery.

Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Europe, Africa, Canada and the USA.
Known as ‘the intuitive eye’, represents trust, intuition and spirituality. A protective stone, purifies the mind and clears negative thoughts. Helpful for work-related stress.
Birthstone: February

Banded Agate_a.jpg


Often called the earth rainbow, banded agate is a variety of chalcedony featuring microscopic quartz crystals. It is also known as riband agate or striped agate.

Origin: Brazil, Peru, UK and the USA.
A healing stone for mind, body and spirit, said to bring calm, good luck and wealth. Improves mental functions and help with clarity and stability issues.

Blue Lace Agate_a.jpg


A rare type of agate, this delicate blue coloured gemstone features beautiful lace-like patterns in forms such as eyes, swirls, bands or zigzags.

Origin: Namibia and South Africa.
Properties: Inspires loyalty and trustworthiness, a caregiver’s support crystal. Assists fears of public speaking or sharing thoughts and ideas with strangers. Calms stress-related situations and helps overcome communication difficulties.

Blue Tiger Eye_a.jpg


A chatoyant gemstone, this variety of Tiger’s Eye displays a beautiful silky lustre and shimmery blue-dark blue banded hue.

Origin: South Africa, Brazil, India, Burma, USA & Western Australian.
Properties: Reduces stress, increases calm and eases anxiety. Aids in fatigue and depression, encourages emotional balance.

Brecciated Jasper.jpg


Distinguished by its brecciated (composed of large angular fragments) red and grey colour, this form of jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony.

Origin: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, the USA and Uruguay.
Properties: A grounding stone that brings strength, vitality, mental clarity and focus. Infuses feelings of calmness and relaxation.



A brownish-red mineral, carnelian is the best known form of chalcedony and commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone

Origin: India, Eastern Europe, Iceland, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru.
Properties: Increases action, ambition, courage and confidence to move forward on a new life path. Boosts self-expression.



Featuring a pale to golden yellow to brownish hue, citrine is a transparent quartz crystal that is very rare in nature and prized as a faceted gemstone.

Origin: Brazil, the USA, Africa, Europe and Madagascar.
Properties: Aids manifestation of abundance and property. Cleanses, regenerates and brings about self-healing, self-improvement and inspiration.
Birthstone: November



Garnet is a precious stone that ranges in colour from the well known deep red through to orange, pink, green, brown, and yellow.

Origin: Australia, India, China and the USA.
Properties: Represents commitment and health, revitalises feelings, enhances passion. Brings warmth, devotion, understanding, trust and sincerity to a relationship.



Also known as K2 Jasper and ‘raindrop azurite’, this unique stone blends white granite with bright blue azurite orbs.

Origin: Found at the world’s second-highest mountain, between Pakistan and China.
Properties: A healing crystal with psychic and intuitive properties. Enhances perception and communications, clears negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli.jpg


Known as Lapis for short, this gold-flecked royal blue semi-precious stone has been highly sought after and prized since antiquity for its intense colour and symbolism.

Origin: Afghanistan
Reveals inner truth and promotes self-awareness, gives expression to feelings and emotions, bonds relationships, calms anger and frustration.

Lilac Amethyst_a.jpg


A beautiful light shade of amethyst resembling lilac blooms.

Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, and the USA.
A stone of inner wisdom, it brings peaceful and centred awareness. Enhances psychic and mental abilities and beauty. Helps overcome addictions.
Birthstone: February



An opaque mineral, malachite is an ancient stone that displays beautiful banded patterns in rich green colours.

Origin: Russia, Africa, Australia, Germany, Romania, Chile, Mexico and the USA.
Properties: A protection stone that guards against radiation of all kinds, and clears and cleanses all chakra centres. Enhances willpower, boosts creativity.



Displaying a pearly and opalescent schiller, moonstone has been used in Roman jewellery for nearly 2,000 years.

Origin: The USA, Brazil, India, Germany, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Mexico, and Tanzania.
Properties: Enhances fertility, new beginnings, unlocks the energy of the moon.

Nephrite Jade_a.jpg


An ornamental stone used in carvings, beads, or cabochon cut gemstones for centuries.

Origin: Russia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, and Canada
Properties: A protective stone, transforms negative energy into positive. Promotes calm and enhances confidence, security and stability.

Rainbow Hematite_a.jpg


A natural coating of aluminium phosphate nanoparticles give this type of hematite its natural rainbow-like iridescence.

Origin: South Africa, the USA, Europe, Brazil
Properties: Peace, grounding, alignment, dissolves negativity. Assists mental functioning, memory and development.



A brownish or rose-pink mineral, rhodonite consists of a silicate of manganese and other elements, and is both a gem and ornamental stone.

Origin: Argentina, Australia, Austria, South America, Canada, Europe, China, India, Asia, Middle East, & the USA
Properties: Brings emotional healing and balance, and releases blocked energy. Allows compassion and forgiveness, heals past wounds.

Snowflake Obsidian_a.jpg


This variety of obsidian blends natural volcanic glass with the mineral cristobalite in the form of white or greyish "snowflake" crystal patterns.

Origin: Argentina and the USA
Properties: A stone of purity, provides balance for body, mind and spirit. Helps recognise and release ‘wrong thinking’ and stressful mental patterns. Promotes dispassion and inner centring.



An attractive rich royal blue opaque mineral, sodalite is widely used as an ornamental gemstone and was originally discovered in Greenland.

Origin: USA, Canada, Russia, Namibia
Properties: Improves communication, rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition. Enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

Tiger Eye_a.jpg


Tiger's eye (also called tiger eye) is a beautiful chatoyant gemstone featuring golden to red-brown banded colour and a silky lustre.

Origin: South Africa, Brazil, India, Burma, USA & Western Australian
Properties: Releases fear and anxiety, aids harmony and balance. Stimulates action taking and helps with decision making.



An opaque, blue-to-green coloured mineral, turquoise has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years.

Origin: USA, Afghanistan, Tibet, Australia & Mexico
Properties: Communication, spiritual enhancement, well-being, wards off negative energy, increases positive thinking.
Birthstone: December

Yellow Calcite_a.jpg


Opaque to clear in appearance, this variety of calcite displays a colour intensity ranging from light yellow to deep lemon yellow.

Origin: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Iceland, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, & the USA
Properties: Spiritual connection, meditation and physical energy enhancement, heals sorrow and grief, mental clarity

Zebra Amethyst_a.jpg


A very dark variety of chevron amethyst, zebra amethyst combines amethyst, smoky quartz, and white quartz in a beautiful banded pattern.

Origin: India, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Mexico
Properties: Divine connection, purification, empowerment, stress relief.
Birthstone: February