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Where colour, nature and beauty meet.

Located on Australia’s spectacular Mid-North Coast, The Opal Centre is home to a world of nature’s miracles.
From beautiful Australian opal gemstones and jewellery, to stunning and unique crystals, fossils, rocks and
minerals hand-selected from around the world - The Opal Centre has something for everybody.

Make sure you stop in when you next visit The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour to explore our
full range of natural wonders, unique gifts and Australian souvenirs.


Opal: The Queen Of Gems

With so many spectacular colours and patterns available, it can seem like there are endless types of Australian opals out there. Read on to discover more about the Queen Of Gems, including Lightning Ridge black opal, crystal opal and Queensland boulder opal.


Gemstones that rock!

Colourful, natural and healing, our huge range of bright and beautiful tumbled gemstones are a favourite of children and adults alike. Why not explore your favourite gemstone next time you’re in our store?


Jewellery By Nature

From stunning gold and silver Australian opal rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets to our unique range of raw and faceted gemstone jewellery, The Opal Centre is the perfect destination to find a beautiful gift or something special just for you.